Siam Fight Productions is the one of America’s premiere Muay Thai event promotions companies.  

We have created a place where promising athletes can showcase their skills against athletes from all corners of the globe.

Our mission is to bring awareness to Muay Thai in the U.S. as well as to establish the sport as a mainstream form of sporting entertainment.

Ryon Burnett – Vice President of Production/General Partner

For over a decade, Ryon has worked behind-the-scenes on numerous Broadway and television shows- some networks include TV, HBO, BET, VH1,NBC, and ABC. Ryon was first introduced to Muay Thai while training at Sitan Gym NY and Ryon is the current Vice President of Production and General Partner of Siam Fight Productions, LLC.

Thiago Azeredo - President

Thiago Azeredo, a native of New York City, has a background in sports medicine and he has a lifetime of experience in Muay Thai and other forms of Martial Arts. Thiago is the owner and founder of Sitan Gym AZ and In 2012, he founded Siam Fight Productions, one of North America’s premier Muay Thai event promotions companies. Thiago is the current President of Siam Fight Productions, LLC., which is home to Siam Fights Live and the U.S. Muay Thai Open International Tournament.

Brandon Jones – Vice President/General Partner

Brandon specializes computer technology, project management, marketing, branding, and business development. Brandon has been training in Muay Thai at Sitan Gym AZ since 2011. Brandon is the CEO of Seal Web Marketing and he is the current Vice President and General Partner of Siam Fight Productions, LLC.


History of Muaythai

Siam Fights Live Promo

USMTO East 2017 Promo Reel

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